Rarely have I experienced a more harmonious and appealing literary festival. Three authors with backgrounds from different regions, two great musicians, an audience ready for discoveries and a knowledgeable host to guide the audience through the program; everything fitted together. Nicola Lutz, saxophones, and Ina Henning, accordion, provided lovely music with their wonderful Duo Tangotopia. The two musicians combine Tango and Klezmer music into a new and extraordinary sound, which unites the melancholy of Argentinian suburbs with the liveliness of the eastern Jewish townships and conveys the whole spectrum of emotions from great cheerfulness to deep dejection. The host, Gudrun Fuchs, complimented the musicians of Tangotopia on "putting stories full of longing, love, pain, and redemption, in the perspective of different musical traditions."
Esslingen news 12/01/2009
Alexander Maier

The Tango [...] has acquired with a new face. The melodies spoke suggestively to the audience.

One could imagine dancing couples.

LKZ (Alexander Walther)