Nikola Lutz - sopranino-, soprano-, alto-, baritonesaxophone
Ina Henning - accordion

Saxofone player Nikola Lutz and accordionist Ina Henning have been collaborating since 2006.

It started with the passion for the music by Astor Piazzolla, which Tangotopia treats as concertant and chamber music. Piazzolla's Tango Nuevo is based on the tradition of tango, and forms the core of our repertoire. The other part consists of klezmer and eastern european music. Traditional melodies are combined with original improvisations by the artists. This results in the creation of a new musical space, in which stories of longing and love, sorrow and redemption are told, mirrored in the light of diverse traditions.

Tangotopia is about more than just conveying the real nature of tango, it also combines the powerful expression of tango with klezmer - passionate music that fascinates the audience!